I was raised on a family farm on the banks of the Wallkill River and after a decade in California and doing my share of traveling to foreign countries, I settled here because I know it so well and I treasure the beauty of the Hudson Valley.
My previous career was design and manufacturing. Soft Images was my factory in Kingston where I employed 15 sewers, cutters and assemblers who turned out my 3 dimensional creations of pillows, wall décor and gifts which were sold to 700 shops around the country. After 5 years, I sold my share to my partner and concentrated on surface design. For the next 22 years I sold designs for fabric collections, ceramics, bedding groups, gift wrap, and towels. My husband and I bought an old farmhouse which we gutted and renovated and my home studio worked well while my son was growing up. One of the most fun things about being a freelancer was the challenge of listening to a stylist express their needs and then developing a product which combined our visions to his or her satisfaction.
After the solitude of painting all day in the studio, I enjoy my transition to real estate 10+ years ago. There is constant activity, a flow of new people and the need to deal with the unexpected.
It really is similar to working with buyers and sellers. Listening is key and I’ll work with you until I get it right. Being a long time local, I’m familiar with where to go and what to show. Whether its finding the right electrician, attorney, excavator or banker, I’ll share my knowledge and do my research to help make your sale or purchase a smooth process.

My interests outside of work are cycling, hiking, gardening, doing yard sales, reading, travel and studying languages. My volunteer activities include board membership on our local Planned Parenthood fundraising committee, raising donations for Maya Works in Guatemala and Transitions of Guatemala.

Barbara Ellman photo

Thank you for your trust.